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My name is Ron Grimes and I was at Camp Red Ball in late March or early April of '68 with the 4th TC. I was assigned to the mortuary personal effects unit. We worked in a large building that was once a soap factory, or so they said, The building was between the mess hall and the club. To the left when you came in the gate. The motor pool was to your left also. Wow how long has it been and I still remember this stuff. I remember the tanker trucks parked side by side and the one that I remember most was the one that had ETMF painted on the Bumper (?) . The driver was a bow legged little guy with blond-ish hair. He was from a small town in Texas, the name escapes me. I also remember the church in the photo and the holes in the steeple. The church was on the north fence along with the showers and the main water tank that we had to constantly chuck stones at the papa san to start the pump ! . Ah yes the officers quarters. Once we had a USO show band with Australian women singers at the club. After the show myself and two other guys were to escort them back to Saigon but earlier that evening the road was put on red alert so they were housed in the officers quarters. Man what a night, we all wanted to stand quard and I was lucky enough to guard them first. We had quite a conversation. I later had a opportunity to meet one of them in Saigon but something happened and we didn't hook up.

I have some pictures of Red Ball that I'd love to share. And maybe more stories. By the way I was looking around the net for a buddy of mine that I can't seem to find, SSG James W, Gilbert. At the time he was on his second tour, the first with the 82nd. I found an article that mentioned Camp Red Ball and stumbled on yours. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have the time to respond.


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Ron Grimes

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