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My memory says Jan 31, 1968.  Hubert Price died that first night.



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Subject: Hello Andy


Merry Christmas.  This is Roger Tormanen.  I've talked to you some time ago, as I was also at

Camp Red Ball.  I am just completing a recount of my military service.  I still come up with a

puzzler on Camp Red Ball and TET.  Maybe you can answer it.  The Staff Duty Log of the 716th

MP Battalion listed all the offensive's activities on January 31, 1968, which was the first day of

TET offensive.  On that log, it states that at "6:00 AM  Camp Red Ball is under attack". Yet, the

Wall info on PFC Hubert Price says he died instantly on February 2.  I got back from America on

February 4.  Do you remember..... Was CRB hit on January 1, or February 2, or all 3 days?  Also,

roughly, how many rockets hit the compound.  I know of the ones that did obvious damage.  I

also have pics of burned out vehicles and damaged buildings.  Thanks, Andy