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Subject:††† Saigon Support Command USARV and the leaning sh*thouse patch.I

hated that patch.When I returned CONUS I wore the USARV patch

since that was my first patch.


You donít know it but we were in the same unit.†† I arrived in country in August 1967 and was

assigned to a small unit in Saigon known as the Movement Control Center.When I first arrived we

did our work out of a villa, and later moved to the fire station on saigon port.I was housed in the

Lei lai hotel in Saigon for a short time.Had one really bad day when a soldier newly in country

didnít clear his weapon and tossed it on his bunk and it discharged and he died in a pretty

horrible fashion.We were in the cots we stayed in during our guard duty tour.


Our Commanding Officer was drafted back into the Army because he had been part of Operation

Redball during WWII.As I recall he was 63 at the time.


Those were interesting days.


We had units at Ton son knut, bien hoa. (sp?)


Our efforts were to clear the backlog of ships that were parked in the ocean because there was

not enough dock space at Saigon Port to unload everything.††† Newport was being constructed at

the time.


We were contracting officers reps for PA&E, Equipment Incorporation, Sealand, and Conex


We ran the roads daily and during nights to make sure the 48th group and their units had enough

vehicles to deliver freight to foreward bases.

If a truck broke down in a depot we would try to get a replacement so we could complete the



We had two guys machine gunned on Christmas Eve and they received purple hearts and two

were killed during the black out period during TET 68.

Druing the truce we had to turn our weapons and the two wounded had not weapons to protect

themselves.After that encounter we traded stuff with the Special Forces and we were allowed

into their armory.Afterwords we carried M3 grease gun, Tommy Guns, M1 Carbines (semi-auto

and full auto)


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