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Subject: RE: Army Air Cargo-300th TC Experiences


Rick Phillips []


Dear Rick,

Thanks for the reply.  All are welcome to see these old pictures and text from my memories of Army Air Cargo.  I might have some of the guy's names spelled wrong... its been a long time.  I hope some of them find the web sight and correct me.  As soon as I get the scanner running again, I plan to send larger versions of some of the pictures to Dr. Grambo.  He has given me the specs on the best size and dpi for the web that he plans to display.  I'm looking forward to more correspondence and reading the newsletter.  Its an honor to be a member of the ATAV.


Thanks, Andy


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Subject: Army Air Cargo-300th TC Experiences




How are you?  I would like to use the article you sent about your

experiences in the 300th TC in the next newsletter if that's okay. You

have some great photos. Thank you for joining the organization.


Best Regards,