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Subject: camp red ball
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I recently was looking up stuff on here of where i was during the tet offensive of 1968.  I arrived at camp redball right after you were hit. Our unit at long binh with the 71 trans battalion asked for volunteers to go to camp redball to reinforce the unit there after they had been hit pretty hard.  When i got there it was still pretty hairy. Lots of night shelling in and around us for quite awhile. Later we worked in shifts on ton san nhut airbase, where at night we would get quite abit of mortars and rockets all around us. When i wasn't  pulling guard duty at camp redball i worked as a forklight driver with our unit there on the sure i must have met you and known you when i was there....i was there feb until sept of 1967..i was glad to have found your story on here...brings back lots of memories. thanks



paul milor

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