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368th Transportation Company - Information


Dear Sir:

I found your e-mail address on a guestbook as part of a website dedicated to the 368th Harbor Craft Company.I commanded the 368th Cargo Transfer Company during Operation Iraqi Freedom.Today's 368th CTC traces its lineage and history to the 368th Harbor Craft Company in World War II.You posted that you served with the 368th in Vietnam.The unit is currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II in central Iraq.We were deployed from January -July 2003 in Kuwait at the Port of Ash Shuaiba.We even sent a few logistical convoys over the border in Iraq.The call came in December that the 368th would deploy again and this time operate within Iraq.Would you be interested in corresponding with the current soldiers of the 368th CTC?Do you have any pictures or stories of your service with the 368th that you would be willing to share?


Mark W. Susnis

Captain, U.S. Army

Mark Susnis

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Dear Captain Susnis:


First let me thank you, your officers, and the enlisted personnel in your unit for serving us all.I believe these times may be the most serious for America since World War II.Many of us old guys feel guilty for being at home and not out with you in the field.You and your team are performing the most important service for our country.You will be proud the rest ofyour lives that you served. God Bless you all.


Second, I would like to thank you for your e-mail.It made my day.The real reason I went to the 368th Harbor Craft Company web sight was to find information on my fatherís unit, the 367th Harbor Craft Company TC.He served as a cook and the gunner on a converted Australian ferry boat the Army used to transport aviation gasoline between the ports and islands around New Guinea and as far north as the Philippians in WWII.He had a lot of tails to tell.He died back in 1989 after a good life.


I was a member of the 368th Transportation Company for only a short period of time.Most of my 12 month tour of duty in Vietnam was with the 300th Transportation Company, Terminal Service.I only found out that I was in the 368th on my going home orders when I was told that the 300th was disbanded and all personnel were transferred to the 368th.My experiences with the 300th can be found on the below two web sights.I hope you find them interesting.I would like to accept your invitation to correspond with the soldiers in the 368th, but I can only share experiences from the 300th.




The first:


is on Allan Furtadoís web sight.He is trying to put together all of the units that belonged to the 71st Transportation Battalion in the Vietnam days.Itís a very interesting sight with many transportation units, including the 368th Transportation Company located directly at:


There is a list of soldiers on this sight that served in the 368th and can share their experiences.



The second is the ARMY TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION VIETNAM, ATAVís web sight. It will give you an insight on most of the transportation units in Vietnam.Dr. Grambo, the ATAV webmaster, a Captain in the 4th Transportation Command in the Mekong Delta area of Vietnam in 1969, can be contacted below at the ATAV sight and give you more information on the 368thís history.



Dr. Ralph Grambo set up my profile, entitled: Tet 68 at Camp Red Ball Ė Andrew Ansenberger.




I see now from your comments left on the 368th Harbor Craft web sight that you are at Fort Story Virginia.Will you again command the 368th in Iraq?


Below are some words a friend sent me last November.I read them from time to time to feel good.


Again,Thank you Sir,




Ps: My only advice to you is to take lots of pictures.They will be cherished in the future years.