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Subject:                          Camp Red Ball


I am Jon Artz, CPT (Ret), who recently discovered the terrific website regarding the 71st TC, formerly stationed at Camp Red Ball, RVN. As it so happens, I was the camp commander  circa 1-7/67. I was assigned there from Ist Log Cmd to administer the billeting and mess facilities there. I don't really remember many of the folks there, as it has been 45 years or so, but my driver was SP4 David HINN, and there was a black Admin clerk named SIMMS. I probably remember more of the Vietnamese folks because I was their payroll officer and had to be familiar with their names. What I do remember was that in addition to the 71st, there were members of a POL unit from Tan Son Nhut, an APO mail sorting unit, and of course the personal property guys from Graves Registration. In addition to the mess hall, etc, I organized the EM club and brought in the VN bands and entertainment, and bought a deep fryer for shrimp and a pizza oven. That damn little club made money up the ying-yang. Do you remember a nearby Catholic orphange run by the sisters?
66-67 was my first tour, 69-70 my second tour and was there just before Saigon fell in 75. My wife and I went back to Vietnam in 2003 starting in Hanoi and ended in Saigon.
I invite correspondence from you. Use All the pictures on this site were great as was the music. It sure brings back memories of that time.
Thanks, Jon Artz