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Hi Andy,
thanks for the reply. That is my address. I appreciate the cd. I am going to look to see what pics I may have of Camp red Ball. I know there are some of an 'all girl' band that entertained at the NCO club on post. Our unit arrived on post sometime in May 67 so it probably was between May-July?
I was involved in sorting and packing those metal containers with bulk packages and there were times when I rode shotgun on the trailers that hauled the containers to the Saigon docks. Other than that I pulled guard duty in a tower on the perimeter. I remember that you could almost set your watch every day to when the monsoon rain would hit. Our barracks were 2 stories. I think there were 3 of these buildings in a row with the orderly room, post office bldg, and perhaps the club across from that and near the main gate. I have been all over the internet looking for anything or anybody who was with the original unit but haven't found much of anything. Agan, thanks for the cd. I will send you any pics that I have. Where do you live? Did you retire from the military or are you retired? My wife & I travel at times with our 5th wheel RV so perhaps we can meet sometime?
Take care
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Hi Jim,
Nice to hear from you.  I've gotten a lot of stuff from many people that were at Camp Red Ball.  I do rember the 38th Base PO.  I remember an old sergeant that had 30 or so years in but I don't remember his name.  His stomach was torn open from a shell the Tet night.  He was doing well when the medics took him away.  He was a black guy and was a SFC e-6.  He was grandfathered in when the SFC position turned from  e-6 to e-7.  I'm pretty sure he was with the cargo folks and not the post office.
Let me know if your address is:

James E Mazza (315) 337-5069 9211 State Route 26, Lee Center, NY 13363, (I got this off of Google)

and I will send you a cd with all the Camp Red Ball stuff.  The data is too big to send over the internet over my telephone line system.


Andrew Ansenberger, 244 Orchard Dr, Wood Dale, IL  60191, Tel: 630-766-4969,


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I ran across your website. I was with the original 38th Base post office We shipped from Ft riley, KS by boat in Apr 67 arriving in Vietnam in May. I was with the unit there for a couple of months until they downsized and a lot of us were sent elsewhere. I was sent first to Vung Tau and then to Soc Trang to work on postal units. In the beginning there we had a lot of practice alerts and I did pull guard duty in one of the towers. I had guard duty late one night walking behind buildings (post office bldg, orderly room). I became very ill and spent 3 days in my bunk. finally went to sick call where I was diagnosed with food poisoning. Did you know anyone with the 38th? there was a SGt Johnson who i heard was injured during an attack. I don't know if it was Tet? Do you have any other pics of Camp Red Ball?
Jim Mazza
Lee Center, NY

I have some pics. Do you remember the all girl band they had there one time?