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I just<<Mvc-270x.jpg>> about shit when this was sent to me. Or as I see by the address this may not be Andy Ansenberger. I did know Andy but he worked with a friend of mine (that I'm still in contact with - Paul Darcey) Paul was wounded in the Camp Red Ball Tet attack and evacked. I have Paul's address (Brooklyn, NY) and have visited with he and his wife Cathy several times.


My information is: Jim Mattingly, 5461 Nebraska Ave., Washington, DC 20015

HM: 202/363-3201 and WK: 703/905-3692. I'm presently employed with the Treasury Department, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. I started out with the Secret Service and was with them for 23 years and transferred over to FinCEN.


I was the (to the best of my knowledge) the only Air courier for Red Ball Express for the period 3/67 through 9/67. I spent most of my time ferrying documents and requisitions for anything the Army used all over Viet Nam. The picture that I've attached here is of me (center) Charlie McCoy (on my right). The hooch is the second one down the row, that is in Andy's photo shoot of the all the hooch's on the left and the sandbagged bunker on the right. Charlie and I went to grade school in Washington, DC (Blessed Sacrament @ Chevy Chase Circle/Chevy Chase Parkway). He was in the Air Force for (a career in Crypto Maintenance) at Ton San Nuit. He came out to Camp Red Ball to party and get away from all the military BS that was the 'bill-of-fair' at the Air Base. He presently lives in Henderson, NV.


One of the shots that Andy sent (with the guy on the forklift heading left) looks like Paul Darcey. I've sent this 'site' to Paul's wife and hope that he gets a chance to down load it. I know for a fact that both Paul and Andy know and worked with each other.


I did/do know Charlie Campbell, and if it's possible I'd like to get information so I could contact Charlie. He painted my fiancťe's name

(Pamela) on my wall locker in about 5 minutes. Another one of Air Cargo's "wild ones" was Jo-Jo Borrille. I believe he ended up as the Chief of Homicide Deceives for the NYPD (this I haven't determined officially = but with a name as unique as Borrille (I know that I've butchered the spelling of his name) I'm sure that it's the same guy. One of the pictures, in Andy's package, has "California Dreamin" on the wall locker. That was the name of Red Ball Express's duce and a half. It was Darrell Voortman's truck. Darrell had the name on the front hood and I know that the wall locker with the same name was Darrell's. I have a black/white of me and a couple of other guys standing in front of Darrell's truck. And a few more of old Camp Red Ball.

If you do get this and are interested I'll see what I can do to get them copied and send them to you.


Hope to hear from you. (MAN WHAT A SMALL WORLD and god I love the internet)!!!!!


Jim Mattingly, SP5, RA13840758 (but "A" non-lifer)




I was happily surprised to get your message.Because of all the garbage e-mail these days I had me finger on the delete key and saw the words Camp Red Ball.

Correction: The guy on the forklift is me,


Andy Ansenberger

244 West Orchard Drive

Wood Dale, IL60191

Tel: 630-766-4969


and not Paul, but I have attached two pictures of who I think is Paul.

The first is Paul with his 30 cal. carbine.I canít remember the story on how he got it.But I do remember him saying that he had a plan on how to get it home. In the celebration picture, Paulís head is in the exact center of the picture.He wasnít smiling like this during the next workday a few hours later.

The third is a picture of Campbell the artist. He was also one by best friends.


Dave Belwaneamy (the spelling is wrong I am certain) is the California Dreamer.This is what he wanted painted on his locker because he lived south of San Francisco and wanted to get home and get married.He never even went to the White House, but he liked nickel night at the Camp Red Ball Club.He used to play the Bounty machine for hours.



I donít know where you got your information about me but I have included two web sights that display my Camp Red Ball pictures and narrative.


First from the main ATAV.US sight is:††††††††††


and second holds the same and more and is located in Allan Futadoís web sight:


Iím always anxious to hear from otherís who have experienced Camp Red Ball.All pictures are welcome.You are the first to send me a picture.Thanks.


When I got out of the army in 68, I worked a number of years in a truck garage as a mechanic.I still have that trade today, and it has gotten me to be the vehicle maintenance director of the City of Wood Daleís maintenance garage that I have worked for the last 26 year.I was also on the volunteer fire department until it went governmental and professional.


I am married, have a grown son, and a daughter who is eleven.She is the reason I have to behave myself for the next ten years or so and keep my job.


I also have two cocker spaniel and attend weekly obedience training at a local dog club.


Let me know if you want some of the pictures from the web sights above in better detail.