From: Hw Zimmass []

Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2012 9:08 PM


Subject:    August 2012 - Your info on Camp Redball


Hi, I happen to look up Camp Redball and found your info on the site. I was with the 512Q -

Petro Main 64 Quartermaster Long Binh Post, Drove and operated a 5 ton wrecker that I

outfitted with signature features bumper red flags, red siren, red cab top marker lights, red/white

striped mirrors and a grill sign that said redbaron express. Its been 45 years and Iam trying to

remember things and places. I took lots of photos when I could, had them processed into slides,

anyway I do recall being sent to Camp Redball with the wrecker and other guys from our unit to

support you guys at the compound ?? do you recall use being there etc. Photos I have show the

wrecker with its distinguishing marking in the compound etc. I also recall that there was enemy

firing incidents, I see by your info you got hit. What happened to me one night during our

compound stay, and I can not remember the date was that the orders came to be on guard

weapons issued, I went to check on the wrecker, stepping back from the wrecker something hit

me in the left leg ankle, looked down and saw this piece small copper looking thing sticking out

of boot, got hold of medic, pulled it out, it was no big thing to me, being young. turns out it was

a part of a ricksha bullet enemy fire, don't recall the medic name. Got fixed up, band aid since it

wasn't bad never reported it etc. more interested in staying alive and making sure others also

survived. Again any chance you can recall the 512Q was there. Hope your doing well, glad you

made it home. Wolfgang PS Wolfgang Dost Spec E-5 as I was know in the military Its a long

story but the full name is Heinz Wolfgang Zimmass, Dost army decided Dost is shorted and fits

better on name tag. Hope to hear from you