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Actually, I believe it was actually called Tan Son Nuht MACV Complex.  It was at the end of Gia DInh village.  The locator section of the 38th was located there.  You would go in the gate and at the other end was MACV Headquarters and after that the gate for Tan Sa Nhut. 
But the mortuary, I can't remember exactly where it was at, what I do remember well was that at Camp Red Ball they received and sorted through deceased soldiers personal effects.  I actually worked there for a few weeks when the 38th first arrived at Camp Red Ball.  Mainly because we didn't have a building to process mail. 
I have a lot of photos that I took of the area also, but they were mostly slides and are at my Dad's house. I have been planning on getting them the next time I'm home. 
I have a lot of memories of the Camp Red Ball area.  I remember they had a bar/club down the street.  I went there a couple of times for a Saigon Tea. 
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Here are a few more Camp Red Ball pictures from the Tet 68 days.  I never heard of Tent City One, but I remember the 38th BPO people at the Red Ball Club.  Was the mortuary at Camp Red Ball or at Tan Son Nuht?  I remember peeking into it but I don't remember which place.  Andy
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At that time I was a PVT or PFC with the post office, the 38th BPO.  I remember well the trench in the middle of the base.  I also worked for a short time when we first arrived at the mortuary handling personal effects.

During the TET offensive I was at Tent City one.  Think that was what it was called but we still had a lot of our soldiers at Camp Red Ball.
I used to perform guard duty while one of the transportation drivers picked up conexes at the docks.

Anyway, I went on to serve 20 years (after a 2 year break in service) and now I'm a DOD civilian in Germany.
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