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To: Ronni02/07/04

Hi Ron,

It was a nice surprise hearing from you.Two organizations have put my Camp Red Ball pictures on their web sights.Iím not sure which one you saw.I have listed both below.The second one has the most pictures.If for some reason I find more pictures, Iíll let you know.I never took a picture of the main gate or the club.If you have these, they would make my day.



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Hey Guy, 

Ron Taylor here.  I was with the USArmy Mortuary and spent some time living at Camp Red Ball in early 1968.  The pictures on your site are great; the picture of the hooches was perfect, looked exactly like mine; I was in the first hooch on the north side; I believe.... 

Hell of a world we lived in there, eh?  Like being on another planet. 

well glad you made it home brother;  drop a line sometime. 

best to you,

Ron Taylor

Camp Red Ball 1968


From: Ronni†††† Mon 2/9/2004 11:58 PM

Hey and thank you for those last pics, I didn't have any of the 2 story barracks I'd forgotten exactly what they looked like...I lived in one of the first one level hooches to the left, as you came in the gate; then I lived on TSN a while, then I lived another short while in one of the 2 story barracks before back to TSN....the mortuary sargeant always came by at 6am or whatever time it was to get up to go to work, and very gently would shake your foot and in a soft voice say, 'time to wake up, time to wake up'...

every day to everybody; very gentle... a funny little comforting thing to have him do, in the middle of a war zone....there were some good things about people there, like here I guess, too.Some of the Vietnamese people

were really great human beings too.†† Like many other drunken fools I used

to get up and sing with one of the local vietnamese bands in the clubs, when everyone was good and loaded....always singing 'we got to get out this place, if it's the last thing we ever do'.....(eric burdon and the animals)


more pics to come...none too exciting..but give a taste of red ball life, your pics are really great...seeing them brings up associated clear memories of that physical and emotional environment... like diving for that bunker right out the back door of the hooch, guard duty at that deserted arvn compound next door all night regularly (for what? nothing there).....one night, and some snipers a long way off start sending bullets whistling through the compound (which was lite up like a christmas turkey)...getting on the radio and getting permission to beat ass back down the road to Red Ball full of adrenalin....hey crazy world!!


hope you are well..