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I am not sure but I will share my flicker album with you and please feel free to comment on any of them regarding whereabouts or names. Thank you so much for your help.


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Hi Charlene,

My memory is kind of week.  I do remember a fellow who was in my unit at Long Binh, the 537 Personal Service Company, who transferred with me to the 300th Transportation Company at Camp Red Ball.  The fellow that I remember is next to the guy with the dog in picture 44 and is on the truck in picture 134.  Does this look like your dad.  I do think his last name was Long.  Let me know either way.

Good Luck,


(These are the pictures I sent to Charlene)


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Hi, I was wondering if you knew my father. His name is Charles L Long and he was in Nam as well. I do have pictures but as he past away in 2005 that is all I have as he never spoke about it. I hope that you can help. 

Charlene Long

 (Below is the picture sent by Charlene Long)