Andy’s Army stuff – 1966-1968 – Camp Red Ball, Go Vap, RVN


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Location of Camp Red ball:  268 Nguyn Văn Lượng, 16, Gň Vp, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Copy and paste these coordinates into Google Earth:  10.8387n,106.67015e

Or view on Google Maps by clicking here:  Camp Red Ball


Click here for Andy’s Army Picture Slide Show


Click here for links to  see modern day pictures from the Camp Red Ball location.  Things have changed.


I once forwarded pictures and text to Dr. Ralph Grambo.  He then posted them on the  website.

Click here:  Army Air Cargo Terminal and Camp Red Ball


Dr. Grambo also posted Camp Red Ball pictures and text sent to him by Larry Lathem, LTC, USA (Ret) also on the ATAV website.

Click Here:  120th TC in Vietnam the start of Camp Redball


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537th Personal Service Company


Allan Furtado  and his 71st Trans BN website.



Carl Price 


Charles L. Long

Darryl (Ronni) Taylor included here is Ronni’s slide show of pictures.

Greg Miller

Heinz Wolfgang Zimmass

Hubert Price Jr. -  KIA February 02 1968

James Brady

Jason “Jay” Menard

Jim Gleason

Jim Mattingly

Jim Mazza

John Eberth

Jon Artz

Lonnie Wadsworth

Lowell Gomsrud  Lowell Gomsrud sent me very detailed information on the Tet Offensive and Nguyen Thi Ngoc-Mai who was killed in a residence just north of the compound.

Mark Susnis information concerning the 368th TC in 2004


Michael McNally

N. D. Ellis

Nathan Meek has posted his website with lots of TSN and Camp Red Ball pictures. 

Paul Milor

Rick Phillips

Robert Ekiss

Robert Messersmith

Roger Tormanen

Ronald Grimes

Sam Burrows

Steve Gregg    New: April 19, 2019