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Below are links that teach POSITIVE Focus and Heeling. Remember: No Lead. No Corrections. No Negativity. One Minute Max.

You may use a designated “MARKER WORD”, rather than a clicker. “YES” is a good marker word. Marker words are better in a classroom setting with a number of dogs.  Other links are on our Brag Book: Obedience Regulations, AKC event search, AKC title definitions.  Andy 

Youtube Example: 1st Heeling and Focus Video         Youtube Example: 2nd Heeling and Focus Video  

Youtube Example: AKC Beginner Novice                 Youtube Example: AKC Novice Obedience

Beginner Novice Work Sheet                           Novice Worksheet





Operant Training using a “marker” word rather than a clicker.


1)  Command.  When introducing a new training event or exercise to your dog, you might want to use food as a lure.   With new training use the food that you are giving the hand signal with at the same time you are giving the verbal command.  Once the dog learns the exercise, eliminate the food lure first, then either the hand or the verbal command.  Most commands are given in the ring with a verbal or a hand signal.  A few are given with both hand and verbal commands.

2)  Dog Performs the Exercise Correctly

3)  Operant Marker Word is Given.  Because we are in a classroom setting with a number of dogs getting training at the same time, instead of using a clicker, which might be confusing if a number of clickers are going off at the same time,  I have chosen to use an operant marker word instead.  “Yes” or “Yep” are good words to use.  I have always used “good” but have been told that “yes” is better because it is clear and sharp.  The marker word is given at the exact time that you see your dog do exactly as you want him/her to do.  It takes time to condition oneself to give the marker word at this exact moment.

4)  Reward is Given.  After the operant marker word is given, a small food treat is then given to complete the exercise.  The food must be given whenever a marker is given.  Because the dog is usually on your left side during obedience training, the food is usually kept on your right side.  As soon as a marker word is given, the right hand then passes a reward treat to the left hand that then gives it to the dog.