Hello Jim and the girls - Ear Problems and Remedy for Cocker Spaniel - Riley


Hello Jim and the girls,


Below is the text of a letter I sent Dr. Bauer, thanking her for fixing Riley’s ears and a follow up to his condition.  Riley had ear problems, yeast and bacteria, for his whole life, maybe because of a very small ear canal that wouldn’t let air in causing his ears never to dry out.  He went to many doctors and suffered a lot.  Cleaning didn’t help and as a last ditch effort, a new doctor, Dr Bauer of Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital suggested a medicated mixture that she added to a cleaning product, and it worked.  For the last few years of his life, Riley and perfectly healthy ears.

Good luck, and nice meeting you all at the Spaniel show,



Ear medication - Riley – Cocker Spaniel – 14 years old - 10/03/2014

Rx# 124049.  Dr Jen Bauer, Glen Elynn Animal Hospital, 630-469-7400

Shake well instill 1/2 ml into both ears once daily for 14 days then use every 3rd day.  Quantity 60. Refills 0.

Ear Medication Epiotic per ml.

Dog #12922-2


Dr Bauer information: http://glenellynvet.com/

Address: 21 S Park Blvd, Glen Ellyn, Il 60137, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137, Phone: (630) 469-7400


Dear Dr Bauer,

For 10 years or so, Riley has had ear infections on and off.  He has had them almost constantly for the last four years.  We clean them almost every day and have tried many medications.  On October 3, 2014, you gave us a supply of a medication that you mixed up.  I don’t know what it is but in about 3 or 4 days, his ears cleared up.  They no longer have green mucus and the rotting smell has gone away.  He used to have itching spells and we would give him a pink Benadryl and have to hold him in a head lock until he settled down.  We still have 60ml and now use it every 3rd day.

Thanks again,

Andrew Ansenberger and Riley