Basic Dog Training – Positive Motivation - Andrew Ansenberger


Utility Directed Jumping.  Trained in two parts: A) the go out; and B) the jump.


A) The go out

1A. Dog is centered and about 20’ from line of jumps and 40’ from the target.  The target is 20’ from the jumps and 5’ from the back gates or wall. Dog is put on a sit-stay facing the target.  Handler walks to the target and places the treat.  Handler returns to the dog and takes the heeling position with dog and rewards and praises dog.

2A. Handler sights his arm along dog and tells dog “target.”  Handler that stands strait up.

3A. Handler says “Ready” and when dog looks at handler, dog is rewarded.

4A. Handler gives verbal “(dog name) GO OUT” with a hand signal.  Dog runs to target.

5A. When the dog gets to the target and eats the treat, the handler gives the command “SIT.”  When dog sits and looks at handler.  Handle gives praise and walks to dog and rewards.  The dog must be sitting when rewarded.


B) The directed jump

1B. After 5A, Dog is told to stay at target and handler returns to handler position 40’ from dog.

2B. Handler gives the dog hand signal and verbal command simultaneously for the dog to jump either the high or bar jump.

3B. Dog takes jump and fronts the handler.  The dog is then praised and rewarded.

4B. The dog is then “finish”ed and then rewarded.

Exercise finished.


No negativity ever. If dog fails then a treat is not given. Once all is going good then connect A and B exercises.  When first teaching this exercise, the dog is introduced to go out to the target from about 6’, after a number of successful training sessions, gradually go further back a little each day or weeks until the 40’ distance is achieved.  After having success at the 40’ mark, try to always send out at this 40’ distance for conditioning.  The dog must learn to go out 40’ as it must in a trial.



Utility Directed Retrieve.

Until dog is absolutly proficient with gloves 1 and 3, do not use glove 2.  The turn is important to perform properly each time or now reward.

1. With gloves in position, and dog and handler facing away like in a trial, with the dog in sitting heeling position, give “READY” command and reward.

2. Give heeling command and turn to proper glove.  If and only if dog is in the new proper sitting heeling position, give a reward.  If dog is not in proper position, start the whole exercise over and do not reward.

3. If dog is sitting in new proper heeling postion facing the glove with the handler, use hand and verbal command simultaneosly to send the dog out to retrieve.  I use “GET IT.”  The dog must go out and retrieve the proper glove.  The dog then fronts the handler with the glove.  Handler than takes glove and rewards the dog.

4. The dog is then finished to the end result proper sitting heeling postion and rewarded.

Exercise finished.